therapy photoThank you for visiting. Are you suffering with depression, anxiety, social anxiety, substance abuse, grief & loss, or coming to terms with trauma or symptoms of PTSD?  I help adults and older adults who are struggling with these and other challenges to find inner peace and strength.

Do you feel alienated, or that you are not being understood? Are you having trouble, for any reason,  articulating your needs and desires? I can help you communicate more honestly and effectively and to overcome your fear of saying what it is that you need to say. Together we can improve your personal and professional relationships.

Are you facing a life transition, existential, creative or spiritual crisis? I can collaborate with you to find your life’s purpose and help you find meaning in a world that can seem chaotic and disappointing.

You will find me open, authentic, and non-judgmental. I invest myself into truly understanding your experience. I work with adults – individuals for one-on-one therapy and couples who want to increase their communication and strengthen their relationship. I work with young adults trying to navigate a confusing world, and older adults who want to make meaning of their life experience, transition into a new phase in their lives, get more in touch with their spirituality and/or who are confronting their mortality.

My office is in downtown Washington, DC and is conveniently located on the Orange/Blue/Silver & Red lines. Would you like to see if I would work for you as a therapist? Please give me a call and let’s discuss your goals for and expectations of therapy. Evening and weekend hours available.