I primarily use psychodynamic, humanistic and transpersonal methods, so I believe that an approach which explores your relationship with your past and how this affects your present relationship with being is curative. We can work together to uncover unconscious mechanisms and defenses that are impeding your growth and flourishing.

I make a considerable effort to understand, through authentic communication, your unique experience and help you work with this experience to develop congruence with your desires and your life. In this regard, we also learn how you can increase your satisfaction with how you communicate with others, and in doing so enrich your relationships. You will find me non-judgemental, open-minded, and engaged.

Due to my deep respect for and interest in philosophy and spirituality, I am open to exploring that part of you that makes meaning of a world that presents itself materially, but in which exists another “noetic”, or spiritual (without necessarily being religious) dimension. Often from this dimension, we can view the solutions to your problems in a holistic way and find transformative paths.

I use cognitive and behavioral interventions in the management of anxiety, compulsive and addiction-related actions, and use this knowledge as necessary to enhance the overall effectiveness of therapy.